A quiet heat pump in the winter


I’m not shy about my motivations for moving home, and this region is where I was born plus raised; It’s also the region that I took totally for granted while I was growing up, but I feel that multiple teenagers have a grass is consistently greener on the other side mentality when they are young, my big complaint was that my household region was boring, too boiling plus needed too much a/c.

Those are some pretty feeble reasons to leave the area.

But leave I did as I chose a school way up north. I wanted to be near a big town with excitement, culture plus a pale white Christmas. I got all of that plus a dorm room with absolutely intense radiant heating. I enjoyed the severe change initially, and however, even as I was finishing up my studies, the winters were taking a toll on me, and why I took that job plus ended up staying up north for another decade is still a bit of a puzzle to me. But as soon as I got the chance to move to my household region, I was all over it. I couldn’t leave winter, gas furnaces, snow plus ice any quicker, then so yea, I moved household because I wanted a winter where the heat pump stayed quiet! And I got it. I absolutely have kept count this winter of the number of time I needed heating from the heat pump. The number is five plus we’re now in May so I’m thinking I can flip the temperature control over to cooling. Man, I’m so thankful to have this sort of mild winter again plus I’m never leaving it.

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