Beachside Paradise


Our friends, Steve and Malory, invited us to go on holiday with them last summer.

  • I am not easily one to prefer laying in the sunshine and enjoying the salt air, but my hubby easily wanted to go so I agreed to go along.

I pictured torcherous days of dealing with heat and humidity but instead I was pleasantly surprised. I had no way of knowing that Malory had booked a chalet on the ocean with all the amenities of apartment and then some. My pal and I had a appealing view, separate kitchens with private baths, and a tepid tub too. I couldn’t guess how appealing the stadium was. My pal and I even had a beautiful air conditioner so I could escape the heat of the day when I wanted to. While Steve, Malory, and my hubby were out enjoying the surf, I was was able to rest inside and read my book in cool comfort. It was like a holiday in paradise for me! I had the best of all worlds. I could prefer my peace and quiet, the tepid tub at night, and the supplier of my hubby and friends. I never even considered a beach holiday before this and now, I guess I will actually want to go again next year. As long as I have all the creature comforts of apartment I have found that I cherish being my the ocean. The salt air is undoubtedly refreshing and watching the sunset each night makes it all worthwhile. I told Steve that I would cheerfully do the research and find the next location. I would make sure to find out if they had a wonderful Heating and A/C system ahead of time of course as this was my number one thing.



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