Being in charge of the HVAC system at the bridal shower kept me busy


I have never really enjoyed planning events.

  • There was always this thought in my head that seemed like it was just a lot of work.

It was never something that interested me. Well, one of the bridesmaids in a recent bridal party offered to throw the bridal shower for our friend. Of course we ended up doing t. I was not happy. it is not something I like to do. They gave me all the jobs no one wanted too. One of the jobs I had was to call an HVAC company. Apparently we were having some HVAC issues the day of the shower. I was taking my time to fix it rather than enjoy the party. The HVAC professional came to look at it to see what he could do exactly. He noticed that the only thing was replacing the filters. The place where we were having it must not take care of their HVAC system too well. After that the HVAC system was running fine. I only missed the beginning of the bridal shower. As soon as I went back to the party, they said I needed to change the temperature. It was too warm. I spent quite a bit of time looking for this thermostat. I had no idea where it was. When I finally found it, I had no idea how to work it. Never again will I be in charge of planning an event like this one. If I do, I certainly will not be in charge of all of the HVAC problems or situations.

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