Cold winter and heating


It’s just too cold, i have to admit, wintertime can be absolutely elegant, where I live up North, the snow covers just about everything for about six months each year.

I prefer to look out the window and see the snow capped mountains, and trees that surround my house.

It is honestly breathtaking. I prefer to watch my children ice skate and make snow angels for hours upon hours. I prefer that wintertime is a time of rest. The afternoons are short and the nights are long. It’s a perfect time to relax and rejuvenate. With all the beauty and rest that wintertime brings, it is still my least favorite time of year. It’s just too cold, then my associate and I live in an older house, and that comes with an older boiler, but occasionally, our boiler quits in the middle of the night, and my associate and I wake up to a cold freezing house. Thankfully, it consistently fires back up when my partners goes to restart it. I am thankful to have a boiler, however I am sure that ours will last for much longer, then last month, I swear it turned off once everyday. It is genuinely getting out of hand. My associate and I looked into getting a new boiler last year, however my associate and I just didn’t have the cash at that time. My associate and I still don’t genuinely have the finances, however I guess sooner or later my associate and I will simply have to buy one whether my associate and I have the cash or not. winter is almost over, and I hope that our new boiler will at least last until the end of this year. Whether it makes it or not, I know God is consistently good, and She will take care of us.



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