Cold winter time plus heating


It’s just too cold, but i have to admit, wintertime can be entirely beautiful… Where I live up North, the snow covers just about everything for about six months each year.

I love to look out the window plus see the snow capped mountains, plus trees that surround my house.

It is entirely breathtaking. I love to watch my children ice skate plus make snow angels for hours upon hours. I love that wintertime is a time of rest, the afternoons are short plus the evenings are long. It’s a perfect time to relax plus rejuvenate. With all the beauty plus rest that wintertime brings, it is still my least favorite time of year. It’s just too cold; My friend and I live in an older house, plus that comes with an older heater, occasionally, our heater quits in the middle of the evening, plus my friend and I wake up to a chilly freezing house. Thankfully, it always fires back up when my hubbys goes to restart it. I am thankful to have a heater, despite the fact that I am sure that ours will last for much longer! Last month, I swear it turned off once everyday. It is legitimately getting out of hand. My friend and I looked into getting a new heater last year, however my friend and I just didn’t have the money at that time. My friend and I still don’t legitimately have the finances, despite the fact that I know sooner or later my friend and I will simply have to buy one whether my friend and I have the money or not. winter time is almost over, plus I hope that our current heater will at least last until the end of this year. Whether it makes it or not, I know God is always good, plus He will take care of us.


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