Financing a new HVAC system


One of the best things about tax season is the tax return! My family receives a tax return each year and each year, we plan something fun to do with the extra cash.

One year we went on a cruise, last year we took a weekend trip to a nearby town.

This year is going to look a little different. We are going to use our tax return to pay off our new HVAC system. The house we live in has a very old heating and cooling system. This past winter, I noticed that our electric bill was higher than ever! I knew that it was time to invest in a new heating and cooling system in the house. At first, not everyone in the family was on board with this plan. I explained to the kids that they would be much happier when mom and dad had more money to spend on birthday presents and holidays this year. We try to teach them the value of using money wisely, and this was the best way we could have used the tax return. I decided that I would use the money to start financing a new HVAC system for our home. Sometimes, we have to spend money on things that we don’t really want, but that we need. A new HVAC is a necessity to our family and we can all benefit from this purchase. Down the road if we want to sell our home, we can make more on the sale.


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