Fresh air program


My in-laws signed up for a summer time program that I had never heard of before.

I is called the Fresh Air Program.

This allows kids from the inner neighborhood to experience a more country life and find out that there is more out there than the concrete and smog that they experience everyday. When the kids first arrived my pal and I were a little upset. My in-laws are in their sixties and keeping up with two ten year outdated boys seemed like it was going to be a handful. They planned all sorts of activities for the boys like camping, the zoo, and even a few days at the beach. All of these were normal for them, but, the boys had never been outside that long before or had to use an outhouse like they did while camping. They were busy to spend a full month but after a week they seemed miserable. No matter what my mother-in-law tried he could not get to them. I invited them over to hang out with our boys for the night and finally figured out what was going on. You see, my in-laws are undoubtedly outdated fashioned and don’t have any sort of air conditioning at their house. When the boys were at my house, where my pal and I have air conditioning, they seemed much happier. I asked them about their homes and they said that they particularly missed being able to hang out inside, with an Heating, Ventilation & A/C system going. I said that I understood because, I too, enjoyed the cool comfort, but, I also enjoyed being outside in the fresh air. They said that where they lived, outside meant that they had to breathe in the smog and pollution that came from living in a concrete world, but by the end of the month I recognize they would say that they enjoyed their stay after all but the lack of air conditioning was a real wake up call for them.


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