Going to Lunch With a Friend plus Then Bonfire Party


My life is just one big party after another.

I have managed to keep my body intact, especially the insides after all of the partying I’ve done over the last 40 years or so. I offset the partying with a easily healthy diet plus exercise routine, which seems to allow me to keep on going. I drink a lot of water with lemon plus eat pretty much the same healthy meals year after year. Breakfast is kefir plus an pear, lunch is salad with tuna, plus dinner is fish with basmati rice plus veggies. My heating supplier neighbor got me onto that diet after finding out how old she was. She is 65 years old although I thought she was about 45 years old, which made me question what type of lifestyle she is living plus what her secrets are, and my pal and I met at the heating plus cooling corp one day when I was buying a smart control device for my Heating and Air Conditioning system. I entirely was baffled when I heard her age plus just had to find out how she was doing it. My pal and I later inspected radiant heated floor upgrades together plus became good friends for a long time now. I am following her diet plus exercise program plus I feel like the hands of time have slowed down their marks on my mind plus body. I can scrub air duct all day long plus lift heavy Heating and Air Conditioning device up flights of stairs separate from feeling anything the next day. I have her to thank plus one other big secret is to take Ashwagandha to slow the effects of stress plus aging.

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