Going to Write This Article as well as Then I Will Saw Some Wood for a Bit


And when I say sawing wood I don’t mean taking a nap, I mean genuinely sawing wood for a fire tomorrow! I want to get another five giant logs for the bonfire my associate and I are going to tomorrow on the beach so I am sure that my associate and I don’t run out of firewood while my associate and I are out there.

  • I am going to buy a couple of those duraflame logs just in case my associate and I run out of real wood so that my associate and I can keep the fire going for the duration of the party.

Wow, it is so sizzling out my air conditioning system in my room just kicked on, as well as my associate and I are at the end of January right now. I wish it was colder out because it is kind of terrifying not having freezing afternoons in the month of January here in the South. I will have to turn off the air conditioning system component because it is a cheap air conditioning system as well as I am sure it uses a ton of power to cool the room down that I am not even in right now. I will be flying to cooler lands soon so I am just going to cherish the sizzling weather while I am still in it. I suppose where I live overseas is freezing as well as I am going to be running the electric boiler as well as radiant floors a lot over the next few months. It starts to sizzling up there near the end of March so my associate and I still have quite a ways to go before my associate and I can turn off the heat in the flat.

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