Heating our porch was not straight-forward


My fiance plus I have been passionate our heated porch lately. My associate and I consistently appreciated standing out there during the Summer months, but once September hit, it was too cold to sit out there. My associate and I got to where my good friend and I really appreciated standing out there plus drinking root beer in the mornings plus evenings, so my good friend and I decided to heat the porch area so that my good friend and I could cherish our time out there even during the cooler months of the year. It was not a simple task to heat the porch though. It took us quite a bit to figure out how to heat it. My associate and I put some insulation in the walls that did not have huge windows, but most of the walls had huge windows in them. It is made to be sort of a sunroom. I just care about all the sun that comes in there, and because of all of the windows, there is quite a bit of heat that my good friend and I lose in that room. My associate and I tried heating the porch with two electric space heaters, but they just could not keep up with the heat loss. My associate and I switched to propane a few weeks in, plus it has done us well. It keeps the porch nice plus sizzling even though it still loses quite a bit of heat through the windows. My associate and I hardly even notice a difference in the temperature from inside the apartment to the porch. It is nice plus warm, plus my good friend and I are passionate being able to be out there even in the colder weather. Hopefully, this solution will last because propane is nice plus cheap to use.

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