I bought a honestly big window a/c unit


I had been wanting an a/c for quite some time, but i had one small a/c in my kitchen window, and it kept part of the downstairs pretty cool.

I was glad with it.

I don’t like my apartment to be honestly chilly. I like it to be about seventy-five degrees so that one little a/c did pretty well. The problem was upstairs. It was super tepid upstairs, and I had trouble sleeping in my study room because it was so warm. I found myself sleeping on the couch more often than not. I decided that I was going to buy a second a/c for my study room. I looked for several months, but they were a bit more costly than I thought they would be, so it made me hesitate in buying one. I was shopping at a thrift store one day when I saw an a/c, but my first thought was wondering if it honestly worked or not. I asked someone, and they told me that they had took care of the a/c, and it did work. I decided to go ahead and buy it since it was so cheap. It was almost twice the size of my a/c in my kitchen. It was honestly the largest window a/c unit that I had ever seen. I decided to put it in the kitchen and move the small one to my study room. It works honestly well, and I am so thrilled that I found a one second-hand instead of having to pay full price for a brand modern one.