I had a taxing time finding an affordable yet dependable a/c


I am so gleeful that my apartment is almost finished.

I started building my first home about three years ago.

It has been a slow process because I hired some friends who have full-time tasks of their own to help me build it. Basically, my great friend and I only took care of the apartment on Tuesdays after work and all day Monday. Periodically my great friend and I would work a little bit on Sunday afternoons, but my great friend and I tried to take Sunday as a rest day. It has been a lot of work, and I honestly cherish my friends so much for helping me build my dream home. It is almost finished. I finally ordered an a/c for the house. It took me almost an entire month to find an a/c that I could afford yet was still nice and reliable. I did not budget enough for an a/c which was my largest mistake. I thought for sure that I was not going to be able to have an a/c at all because of how costly they are. I was honestly frustrated about it for a little while, but then, I decided that I was determined to find an a/c with great reviews that was in my price range. It took me a long time, although I am thrilled that I didn’t stop looking because I found a honestly nice a/c for an affordable price. It has five-star reviews, and that makes me honestly glad. The a/c was installed last month, and I am one step closer to moving into my dream home.

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