I melted my coat on a boiler yeahterday


I have been cleaning out my garage for almost a week now! I never realize just how much stuff my fantastic friend and I have! My husband and I moved to the property that my fantastic friend and I are in now about four years ago, and our garage has been packed full of stuff since then.

I did not feel that it would take me this long, however it has been about a week now, and I am still not done cleaning it out.

I am about three-tenths of the way finished. It is quite chilly in the garage since it is the middle of January, so I decided to find my husband’s portable propane boiler to put in there while I work. It took me awhile to find the heater, and I entirely felt funny when I tried to turn it on without it being hooked up to a propane tank. I finally realized after several tries that I needed to hook it up to a propane tank. I took the 20lb propane tank off of the grill and hooked it up to the heater. It has worked great for the last several afternoons. It keeps the garage quite warm. I usually end up just turning it off after a couple hours. I made a mistake yeahterday and put my coat next to the heater. I did not even realize that I had set it there until I stinked something burning. I literally melted more than half of my coat on the propane heater. I feel I will have to be more careful from now on, and hopefully, I will be done with the garage soon so that I don’t have to worry about it anymore.

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