I work for a professional plumbing service


Back when I was a kid, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life.

I used to know that I wanted to grow up and go to university and that I would be a girl who wears a fancy suit and drives a fancy car to work everyday! However, all that changed as I got older and I realized that I would rather work in the repair industry rather than be stuck inside of an office building all day, every day.

I was not sure about what kind of repair I wanted to enter, but I knew I either wanted to try out the heating and cooling industry or the plumbing industry. I was never really all that interested in electricity because I am afraid of it! I finally decided that I wanted to begin to work for a professional plumbing repair here in town because the school that was offering the plumbing certifications had a spot for me when I was ready to begin classes. The heating and cooling program was full and so fate led me to plumbing, I feel you could say. Anyway, I went to school and I got my plumbing certification, and shortly then I started working in town at a really good professional plumbing service. These women can handle everything, from residential plumbing installations and repairs to commercial services. I really prefer working at this location, and I never have any boring days! Working there is always interesting, and I also get paid really well.I hope I can stay there for a long long time.

plumbing Boxborough MA