Leaving my house a little more chilly in the winter


I actually really enjoy the winter time.

I love to be wrapped up in blankets and wearing sweatshirts.

I also love to wear leggings and sweatpants. So to my advantage I actually do not use my heat that much. I tend to keep my house a little cooler. This works to my advantage because that means my HVAC system is not working as hard. It will not be working as hard to keep my house warm. It also does not work as hard to keep my house at a certain temperature of warmth. I do keep my house warmer than it is outside. However it is still kept pretty cold. When my friends come over to my house they always complain about how cold my house is. I always give them a blanket and a sweatshirt. I do tend to turn up the heat when they are over at my house. I do not want my guests to be cold. However when they leave I do turn the heat back down. I just love being wrapped up in blankets and sweatshirts. It also makes me feel a lot better that I’m not putting wear and tear on my HVAC system all winter long. We have such a long winter season. So I want my HVAC system to work for that long. I am glad that I can let my HVAC system take a break during the winter time. So while most people have their heat cranked up mine is cranked all the way down. I also would have it no other way.


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