Loud HVAC system


One of the worst parts about my parents’ house is their neighbors’ loud AC unit.

They live in a quiet neighborhood with not much commotion.

Most of their neighbors are over 50 years old and there’s no busy streets or businesses closeby. The only thing that really bothers them during the night is their neighbors loud HVAC system. I am not sure how long this has been going on, but when I stayed over with them last weekend, I noticed that the noise from the HVAC seemed to be getting louder. When I asked them about it the next morning, they told me that they are just used to it by now. I knew that something wasn’t right with that HVAC system. After two nights of no sleep, I made the bold move and knocked on their door on a Sunday morning. I was there to inquire about the noisy HVAC system and they were not happy about it. When I asked if they had had anyone look at it, the woman informed me that her son was an HVAC technician and had never mentioned that the HVAC was making any weird noises. I was feeling defeated when I walked back to my parents house. As it turns out, I had knocked on the wrong door and was asking the entirely wrong family about their HVAC system. I was not about to go back over there and have them tell me about their HVAC technician, so instead, I got in the car and drove to the local corner store. I purchased some earplugs and got the best night’s sleep ever that night.

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