Lucky to need to replace my air ducts because it also got rid of the dust


By replacing the air ducts, my air has been much nicer lately

This year has not been treating me well. At least my friend and I are in the home stretch of it right now. The year is coming to a close as there are only three months of it left, and last weekend, I had a problem with the Heating & Air Conditioning system. I was noticing that there were some noises coming from behind my wall. There is only one thing behind my wall as well as I know that it was the air ducts sitting behind the wall. I called an Heating & Air Conditioning worker as well as asked him if there was anything that I was going to be able to do. She told me no. The only thing that I was going to be able to do was have someone come look at them as well as repair them. I had to get the air ducts replaced overall. As they were in the process of replacing the air ducts, they told me that it was a great thing that I was replacing them anyway because they were filthy. They entirely needed to be cleaned out. It genuinely made me feel a little bit embarrassed. I never cleaned out the air ducts or had someone to come do it. Having entirely dirty air ducts would explain a lot of things. It would explain why I felt like I was cleaning my apartment every other day. I thought the air in my home seemed a little off. It did not seem as fresh as it did outside. By replacing the air ducts, my air has been much nicer lately. I even observed that my home is not nearly as dusty as it usually is. I am so blissful that this happened in that sense! Not so blissful that I had to actually spend my savings for it.


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