Medical test facility closed unexpectedly


I work as a technician for a local MRI/X Ray clinic.

When I graduated from school I was happy to find a job so quickly. The location, pay, hours were perfect for me. I have worked there for almost six years so I was surprised last week when we got notice that he place would be closing in two weeks. Now, a week has passed and we have done nothing but field calls from patients who are upset about having to find a new place for their testing. I could understand the closing if it had to do with lack of clients, but, we have so many that we were scheduling a month out for most routine appointments. The reason that the place is closing is because of the building! The owners don’t want to invest any money into the upkeep and never have. Now, the HVAC system needs to be replaced and the colse is in the thousands. If they had just spent the money on an annual basis, had the system tuned up, and done general maintenance, it probably would still be working fine. I know that each time my boss called the owners about have the system checked they just blew it off and said that it was fine. When you have a place with as much electrical equipment as we do, air conditioning is super important. The machines produce a ton of heat and if not kept in a cool environment, it can cause damage to those as well. Our company can’t afford a building of its own so we have no choice but to close. I am still looking for another job and hope one comes up soon.



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