Met a Lovely Angel Beside the Fireplace at a Local Business Last Night


My friend came by to my little party last night and brought his beautiful girlfriend, or so I thought she was.

Apparently, the two of them broke up but are still business partners and she seemed to be interested in me.

She got my Instagram and phone number last night and I am still trying to digest what happened. She is really pretty and it is just odd that they would show up together and she would be hitting on me in front of him, but I guess they must be finished if that’s the case. My local business where I do HVAC system sales and repairs is pulling me back overseas in ten days, so I don’t know if much of anything is going to become of the pretty angel I met. Oh well, at least I have my heating and cooling reps and HVAC techs to keep me company when I go back, but it figures that I would meet someone so wonderful just a week before I go back for a year. I guess though if something is meant to be then you can’t stop it, even if you are living on the other side of the world. She works in the HVAC industry as a heating supplier and maybe she will have to fly overseas sometime for a meeting or something. Whatever, I’m so used to letting go of things that it doesn’t really seem to matter much anymore, but it would be nice to feel love again in my life with someone special like her. I guess you never know.

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