Midwest heat


Living in the Midwest comes with its pros and cons, but growing up, I lived up North, and I didn’t absolutely know what it was like to live somewhere else except in the North Eastern part of the U.S, then all my family lived close by, and my associate and I rarely traveled because of the busyness of life. For me, summers meant 76 degree afternoons, and cool mornings. When I got married and moved to the Midwest, it took a lot of increasing for me to get used to the up-to-date temperature and season changes. One of the scariest however coolest parts about living in the Midwest are the thunderstorms. Growing up, I loved to sit and watch a Summer thunderstorm pass by. However, it did not prepare me for the kind of thunderstorms that come where I live now. They are violent, and often times they get so awful that they frighten me. During late Springtime and throughout the entire summer, my associate and I get lots of storms. With the storms comes lots of humidity. It is the kind of thick humidity, where the sweat never seems to dry off of your skin, and you just feel damp all the time. It totally grosses me out. My partner recently purchased me a dehumidifier. It has made my life so much easier. I love it! The only negative is that it is rather small. It does wonders in the room that you locale it in, however not absolutely any further than that. I usually put the dehumidifier in our home office a few hours before my associate and I go to bed so that our room is not sticky and stuffy when my associate and I are trying to fall asleep. During the day, I transport it to whichever room I am spending the majority of my time in. I am so thankful for the dehumidifier, and I hope my associate and I can purchase some more of them soon so that I don’t have to transport them from room to room each day.


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