My fiance fixed our cooling system


I am so glad that I have a fiance who tries his best to keep our apartment in shape.

He is not gifted in the handyman field as many other men are, but that does not stop him from learning how to repair things plus take care of our home. He prefers to figure out ways to save money by fixing concerns in our apartment himself. He absolutely does a really good job too. He may not be as fast as a professional, but his work looks like a professional. I am truly super delighted with him. He just fixed our cooling system last week, plus it was a huge blessing. It would have cost us so much money to get the cooling system fixed by an HVAC dealer. My associate and I absolutely called an HVAC supplier plus asked them how much it would cost just to have them over to diagnose the problem. It was outrageous how much they were asking for. I could not imagine how much money my good friend and I would have had to spend to have that HVAC supplier not only diagnose the problem but repair it. My fiance spent hours figuring out what was wrong with the cooling system plus fixing it. Thankfully, he was off work for a few mornings, so he had a lot of extra time to figure out the problem with the cooling system. He got it working again, plus I could not be happier. It is so nice to have air conditioner in the apartment once again. I was upset that my good friend and I would have to live without it for a little while.


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