My furnace is not working well, so I am finding other ways to heat my house


My furnace chose the certainly worst time to act up.

It is negative ten degrees outside, plus my furnace decided to turn itself off randomly.

It just shuts off even though the home is not up to temperature. I have no idea why, however it seems to be getting worse plus worse. I have had to go down to my basement about ten times today to turn the furnace on. It is absolutely not nice at all. I have tried to contact an HVAC corporation, however the two that are near me are booked until next week. I told them that it was an emergency, plus they said that every single one of their calls have been emergencies. I have been trying to heat my home with my stove. I know that it is absolutely not the safest way, however it is just temporary. I am buying a propane boiler as soon as the stores open back up. My nice friend and I had such a nasty storm yepterday that most of the neighborhood shut down. It was simply not safe to drive on the roads, plus to several people, it still is not safe to drive today. I grew up in the north, so I know how to drive in snow, however some people around here actually have no idea how to drive on slippery roads. I hope those people don’t try to drive because that will be dangerous. I just need to get a propane boiler as soon as possible because my furnace is only getting worse by the hour, but hopefully, the stores will open up soon.
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