My mom keeps here loft so warm


I enjoy my mom so much.

My pal and I have been best friends ever since I was a teenager.

My pal and I never easily fought at all, plus I knew that she was the mom plus I was the child. I tried to obey, plus to be honest, it was quite easy to obey her because she was so kind plus easy going. My pal and I have opposite personalities, so I feel that really helps too. I know some of my friends have similar personalities with their moms, plus they end up fighting a lot just because they are so much alike. My dad passed away about four years ago, plus my mom has been doing quite well living on her own. I try to visit her as much as possible! Something that cracks me up is that she keeps her loft super hot during the wintertime. It is literally eighty degrees or warmer in her house. I knew that she loved a hot house, but my dad did not let her keep it that hot when he was alive, and now that he is gone, she keeps to her number one temperature. I pour sweat almost every single time that I am there. I have learned to dress in layers so that I can take some layers off when I go to visit her. I cannot imagine how much her electric bill costs, but obviously, she doesn’t care. My husband has tried to talk her into turning the heat down a little because he cannot kneel it, although she always has an excuse why she wants it hot in the house. I enjoy my mom dearly, even if she is crazy with her heat.

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