My phone failed to communicate with my smart thermostat


Technology has helped us a lot these modern days.

However technology does not always work very well. I have noticed that technology can fail us at times. If the technology is not put together the right way it can fail. One way technology has failed me recently has been my smart thermostat. I recently installed a smart thermostat into my home. This means that my thermostat can operate to an app that I have on my phone. I was really excited about this app and being able to use it for my phone. This would be able to allow me to control the heat in my house. So I am not heating a house all day long. I would only put the heat back on when I left work to go home. I did this one day. I was hoping that my house would be nice and toasty warm by the time I got home. However I noticed that the thermostat had not moved. On my phone though it said that it had moved. So my phone was not communicating very well with my smart thermostat. This is where everything went wrong. I had to call my local HVAC company so that they could come and fix it for me. So I had to sit in my cold house and wait for the HVAC professional to show up and fix my HVAC system. I could not even change the thermostat settings on the thermostat itself. I hate that technology can fail on us sometimes. If only it could work a hundred percent of the time.

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