Nine More Heating and Cooling Equipment Jobs to do for Today


I am pretty wiped out from last night’ bonfire party and am going to lie in bed most of the day today to recover. I didn’t drink a lot of beer but actually drank too much water at the end of the night and I was up most of the night visiting the bathroom to empty the bladder. I think I had like four beers and about seven bottles of water at the end of the night. I don’t think I fell asleep till about four in the morning and then woke up around 10am. I’m writing my HVAC system articles in bed and then plan on taking a nap later to recharge a bit more before working on the cooling system at my aunt’s house to try and get it working. I think I can get these articles done in about an hour or so and then I am going to do some yoga and take a little nap. I’ll go to the local business later to get some HEPA filters for the HVAC unit here and then I am heading over to my mom’s house for a New Year’s Eve dinner with my nephews and brother. It is going to be a low key night after last night’s shenanigans and I am totally fine with that. I just want to meet up with my local contractor later this week to talk about the new space heating system that I am maybe buying at their store and getting shipped to my place overseas. That is about all I have planned for the week.


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