Online recommendations can be misleading


Most consumers take advantage of online recommendations these days when looking for goods and services.

If you hear about a product or service and there isn’t a lot of information online you are more than likely not willing to spend the money on it.

The problem comes when you realize that some companies actually pay people to write reviews for them. Any of these have been brought to light of late, especially when it comes to service industries. There are websites out there that are dedicated to ensuring that these recommendations are checked out and you may be better off to use one of their services to find a plumber, electrician, or even an HVAC technician. They actually pay people to verify that the reviews are from real people or customers and even follow up with you to make sure you are happy with the job that the person has done for you. If you don’t want to use one of those companies you can also read reviews from multiple sites about a company to make sure that they sound legitimate. Being a smart consumer and hiring someone reputable to repair something in your home is important so you need to do your homework. Additionally, something such as your HVAC system, would you have invested heavily in is not something that you want to leave to a person who is not certified or professionally trained. You need to trust that the person you are letting into your home he’s going to do the job they are hired for and that your home and family are safe at the same time.


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