Planning ahead


There are many things in life where you simply must plan ahead in order for everything to go well.

These things range from studying for a test in school, planning a career, or planning a life change event such as a baby shower or wedding. My sister has always been a spur-of-the-moment person and it has cost her dearly and some cases. Although the cost is not always monetary, sometimes it’s just a matter of wasting a lot of time trying to fix something that wasn’t planned for properly. However her latest things that she put off cost both time and a lot of money. She owns her own home and lives by herself, so my dad is always over there trying to make sure that everything is running properly. He has even decided that is better for him to just take care of the lawn and to constantly nag her to do it. As winter was approaching, he kept reminding her that she needed to make an appointment to have the HVAC technician come out and service her system. She would just say she would get around to it, but never did. When she called her dad and a panic one morning, he wasn’t surprised to hear that her heat wouldn’t turn on. It was the first real cold day of the season and she had never bothered to have her system tune-up or even check to see if it works prior to that day. I think she just assumed that it would be fine but learned the hard way but it was not. Now, Not only was she freezing cold, but she would have to pay extra for an emergency repair on her HVAC system. My own HVAC system is tuned up twice a year on a regular basis and I even have a maintenance agreement with my HVAC dealer. I don’t want to repeat her mistakes.

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