Scheduling professional air conditioner installation


I am very thankful for the knowledge, professionalism and assistance of my local HVAC company.

When I called them to schedule air conditioner installation for my home in Palm Bay, Florida, they provided a great deal of information as well as customized recommendations.

The NATE-certified technician who completed the estimate explained options and features. He told me that the SEER rating indicates how efficiently the equipment operates. A higher SEER means that the unit requires less energy and costs less to run. Today, there are cooling systems on the market that reach 26 SEER and exceed Energy Star requirements. These units save money while also minimizing environmental impact. Pairing the central air conditioner with a smart thermostat helps to optimize energy efficiency and comfort. It allows adjustment by way of a smartphone from virtually anywhere. Rather than remembering to turn the thermostat up or down before leaving the house or heading to bed, a program, geofencing or occupancy sensors automatically cater to the daily schedule. I definitely wanted to take advantage of wireless control as well as zoning capabilities. My home covers around 2,500 square feet and is divided into numerous rooms. We don’t use all of the rooms on a regular basis. There are specific rooms that tend to get overheated. With zone control, I have an independent thermostat in each room and can cater temperature settings to suit. This customized control saves energy and improves comfort. Thanks to the advice of the HVAC contractor, I maximized value from my investment. The air conditioner installation project was completed quickly, smoothly and without mess or stress.