Searching for a small Heating as well as Air Conditioning unit


Our child keeps complaining that her room is too warm while she is trying to sleep.

The room is located upstairs plus is really small with only one small window so it is hard to get any sort of ventilation or breeze through there.

The best way we have been able to handle it in years past was to have one of those small 2 way fans in the window plus even that barely fits there, however because I feel bad for her I have been searching online for days for a window a/c small enough to fit in the opening, and unluckyly the window is located too far off of the floor for a portable one that stands alone to work. The only way of what is if my pal and I set it on top of a dresser plus that isn’tan chance either. Many of the small window units are powerful enough but unluckyly they are too tall or too wide to fit in the space. I am going to have to contact our Heating as well as Air Conditioning corporation plus see if there is one that my pal and I can special order for her room or to see if they have any other ideas that may work better for us, searching online is really aggravating because several times you think it’ll work plus then when you learn the specs it just is not appropriate for what my pal and I need. I know that our local Heating as well as Air Conditioning corporation will be up-to-date on all of the latest technology plus should be able to possibly offer us some options, when my pal and I first bought our dwelling plus it didn’t have central air I didn’t think much of it but, looking back my pal and I would have been better off to find one that either had a central Heating as well as Air Conditioning system or one where it could be particularly installed.



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