Thermostat mess


It drives me crazy when people mess with my control unit.

My partner and I love having corporation over to our house.

My wonderful friend and I just finished building our dream home, and one of our goals was to have corporation over once a week as soon as our home was completed. So far, my associate and I have been able to meet our goal. My wonderful friend and I have had friends and family over once a week for the past seven weeks. It has been so much fun! I love to cook, and having corporation over means I get to cook even more. My partner comes from a easily hospitable household, so he is relaxing at entertaining our guest while I am cooking, but our two little ladies take after their Momdy, and they love to entertain our guests with their goofy shenanigans, however for the most part, my associate and I have consistently loved having corporation over. The only time, that I can remember, that I didn’t cherish having people over, was whenever my associate and I had a young couple from our church come over. They were truly kind people. They were fun to talk to, however the partner would consistently complain that our home was too cold, so he would turn our control machine up without even asking us. This drove me crazy. I don’t like it when anyone changes the control unit, especially without asking me or my partner first… Even my children know that they aren’t allowed to change the control machine without asking mommy or Momdy first; However, every time, without fail, that my associate and I invited this couple over for dinner, my control machine would end up being set ten degrees higher than usual. Thankfully, this particular couple decided to transport down South, and I don’t have to deal with the awkwardness of telling them that I don’t want anyone touching my control unit.

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