This is pretty dumb


Occasionally my job can be honestly stressful; The reason for this is that my coworker flips out over the dumbest things, someone forgot to take out his garbage because we have garbage to these every week, and he flipped out on them because they did not take out his garbage.

She;s even super stingy when it comes to increasing the heating and cooling system. She’s not even a boss and he tries to boss people around. The other day I wanted to turn up the heat because it was cold, i went to the temperature control and turned up the heat to over 2°. She saw where I was walking and asked me are you honestly going to the temperature control to turn up the heat? I said yeah I am. She proceeded to say that I couldn’t touch the temperature control. I ignored his comment and then he said that I needed to call an Heating and A/C professional and tell him that our air filter needs to be changed. I did not feel like arguing with his anymore so I decided to call the Heating and A/C professional, but luckily the guy I got the iphone was honestly nice and was willing to come and scrub our Heating and A/C system. They asked if we had a repair plan and I told him that we didn’t. The Heating and A/C professional said it would only cost $200 a year and they come out six times a year and do any necessary cleaning or Heating and A/C repair.I told him that I would get back to him since I would have to discuss that plan with my boss. I thought it was a enjoyable price for the amount of Heating and A/C service that they perform on your Heating and A/C system.

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