Traveling for work and leaving my house


My task requires me to travel a lot, but i am away from home for days or even weeks at a time; Before investing into a home automation system, I used to worry about what I would discover when I returned home.

If the furnace failed & the pipes burst, I would have had no way of knowing.

If a windstorm dropped a tree on my roof, the detriment could have actually become extensive during my absence. I also upset about theft, vandalism, fire & all sorts of concerns. I would sometimes stress over whether or not I had remembered to lock the door, adjust the thermostat or unplug the root coors pot, the automation system has been an amazing improvement. It provides real-time access at any time & from virtually anywhere. I can watch real-time video footage that reassures all is as it should be. I receive notifications if there is a power outage or severe temperature variation. I am alerted if someone steps onto the cabin & can see who is sitting at my door, however even if I’m on the other side of the country, I can converse with them & even unlock the door. I can provide servicemen a temporary code to get inside for repairs or repair. I like the ability to turn on & off odd lights to make it seem like someone is at home. There are also sensors on the windows that sound an alarm if the glass is detrimentd or anyone attempts to open the windows; Anyone entering the home needs to provide a code or the alarm goes off. The alarm is harshly loud. There are also alarms & notifications for complications such as smoke, moisture & carbon monoxide, when I return home, I can actually make sure the lights are on, the garage door opens & the residing space is the perfect temperature.

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