Using AC during a fire


One thing that they tell you about when there is a fire nearby is to put your AC on recycle air mode.

This summer, there have been a record number of forest fires destroying homes & causing terrible air quality throughout my region.

Many people & critters are losing their homes & there are awful air quality advisories in my section every day. I keep hearing on the news & local boombox stations that the best way to protect your health is to reuse the air in your house. This prevents the air from outside being sucked in through the filters in your cooling system. Most of the time, air is brought in from outside, filtered, & cooled before it is dispersed into your house. With all of the fires, it is best to remain indoors & avoid bringing any of the hazardous air into your house. There is a button on the temperature control that allows the air that is already in your loft to be recycled. This cuts down on cooling costs & is much better for your health. Sometimes, it is best to not use the healing or cooling at all during a time that there are wildfires ablaze. I am used to the awful air quality outside now & I would not want it to be in my loft if I could avoid it. The recycle air feature is great to use all of the time, even without the fires, I like to use this feature. It is a great idea to reuse the air in your loft when you can.

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