We sell and maintain a variety of heating appliances


My best friend and I started a heating installation company together back in the 1980s.

We ran the company together successfully, until 1992 when I decided to move to Ashtabula, Ohio.

My wife’s parents bought us a house in Ashtabula and we couldn’t say no to their offer. I was making money at the heating installation, but I could not turn down a free and clear house for my wife and our children. My best friend and I parted ways and I used the money from my part of the buyout to start a new heating installation company in Ashtabula, Ohio. That was almost 20 years ago and now my son and I run the heating installation company together. We sell and maintain a variety of heating appliances such as furnaces, heat pumps, space heater, water heaters, and hydronic heating systems. We also sell, maintain, repair, and install pool heating systems. Pool heating installation sales have really gone up in the last couple of years and I have my son to thank for that. He was on the swim team at the high school and he was very popular and well known. He was one of the best athletes on the swim team. A lot of people know my son’s name and it is synonymous with pools and swimming. Pool heating installation sales made it possible for my wife and I to finally add a heated pool and spa to our home in Ashtabula. I never thought that was going to be something I wanted until I enjoyed a week of vacation down south. I spent nearly every day poolside with a drink in my hand.
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