Why Do This week What Can Be Put off Until Tomorrow?


I’m not lazy most of the time, however today I am just feeling a bit on the lazy side so I may wait till tomorrow to do my wood splitting work. I have to saw about ten more logs plus I am not sure I have the energy or motivation to do it today. I did a lot of stuff last year plus am pretty sore as a result. I ran a few miles, did hundreds of pushups, sawed a bunch of logs for a fire, plus then hung out plus drank some beer with my neighbor while the fireplace roared away with a good fire. My pal and I were up pretty late plus now I am kind of sleepy today. I’d like to go with my local supplier neighbor though plus watch a sunset tonight to get out of the home later. She just messaged me plus is grabbing me after toil to go to the beach, yahoo! Her car has a good Heating and Air Conditioning system to keep us cool as she just got the cooling system charged up again. It’s kind of crazy that my buddy and I have to worry about staying cool in the middle of the winter, however that is the day plus age my buddy and I live in so my buddy and I gotta roll with the punches. I’m going to help my neighbor with her space heater, a hydronic space furnace to be exact, as she is having problems with it plus wants it ready if the chilly snap comes. The weather here can change on a dime so it is good to be ready for it just in case.


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