Why Do Today What Can Be Put off Until Tomorrow?


I’m not lazy most of the time, but today I am just feeling a bit on the lazy side so I may wait till tomorrow to do my wood cutting work.

I have to saw about ten more logs and I am not sure I have the energy or motivation to do it today.

I did a lot of stuff yesterday and am pretty sore as a result. I ran a few miles, did hundreds of pushups, sawed a bunch of logs for a fire, and then hung out and drank some beer with my friend while the fireplace roared away with a good fire. We were up pretty late and now I am kind of tired today. I’d like to go with my local contractor friend though and watch a sunset tonight to get out of the house later. He just messaged me and is grabbing me after work to go to the beach, yahoo! His car has a great HVAC system to keep us cool as he just got the air conditioning system charged up again. It’s kind of crazy that we have to worry about staying cool in the middle of the winter, but that is the day and age we live in so we gotta roll with the punches. I’m going to help my friend with her space heater, a hydronic space heater to be exact, as she is having problems with it and wants it ready if the cold snap comes. The weather here can change on a dime so it is good to be ready for it just in case.

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