Zone control heating and cooling made me enjoy playing video games even more


When I am on school for break, I love nothing more than to be lazy. I love to just sit and play video games. It is very relaxing to me because I love to do nothing. It makes the time go by so fast too. I like to play video games in my room. Every time of the year my room just happens to be the best room in the house. It gets to be the warmest in the winter and the coolest in the summer. Sometimes my room gets too hot in the winter. I play video games and sometimes I have to open a window for some fresh air and some cooler temperatures. Being in my room all day it starts to get really warm. These were the days before we had zone control heating and cooling. Although my room was the best in the house, the whole house is awesome now. I can play video games wherever I want too. The zone control heating and cooling allows me to control the specific room that I am in. I can make myself as comfortable as I want to be at any time of the day whenever. No one in my house fights over it either. We all get along well. My mom had it installed from our HVAC professional a couple of months ago. It was right before my winter break from school. It was the best winter break I had ever had I think. My video game playing has improved so much now that I am even more comfortable in my house.