Going to do My Yoga Routine After This Article and Then Relax


Well, that title above was written last night and I never did start the article. I had a big bonfire party last night and I was a bit distracted with all of the prep work I had to do. The party was fun on the beach and I had a lot of friends show up whom I hadn’t seen in a long time. It was a memorable experience and my parents were right there with me hanging out in the sand. Today is a rainy day and I am going to focus on writing and yoga. I have my radiant heater on in my room because we are getting a cold front now and heating is going to be a must for the next few days. I plan on writing a bunch of stories today so I can be ahead because in about ten days I am flying back to Europe and will need a buffer because it is tough to write on the plane and in airports. The air conditioning system is usually a bit cold for me in airports and the climate control system in the plane just makes me want to hide under blankets the whole time. I don’t have enough room in the seat on the plane to write well so I plan on writing them ahead of time so I can take that day off. My HVAC system overseas has a bad furnace and I am going to get it fixed when I get back by calling the heating corp near me and lining them up to repair it.


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