Heat pump heating amazes me


It’s always with a bit of a heavy heart that I watch the calendar flip over to March.

This means that our perfect winter weather will come to a close sooner rather than later.

While I love spring and rebirth, it makes me sad though that winter is waning. Soon, the heat pumps will be sounding off again as the need for air conditioning is on its way. Thankfully though, we have the sort of residential HVAC in this part of the country that is a master of cooling. I’m talking of course about the heat pump and its ability to provide the cooling comfort that we all need living this far south. By the time we get to June, the air conditioning will be running night and day just so we can deal with the overwhelming heat and humidity. I find it pretty cool that the heat pump can extract heat energy from the house and then exhausted it outside. This makes room for more cooling air and provides the comfort we seek when the temperatures get warm. What really amazes me about the heat pump is how it heats my home in the winter. Granted, it doesn’t take much heating when you live where I do. Yet, there are several times during the winter where the heat pump comes on. What is so fascinating about the heat pump is that it actually just reverses the air conditioning process for heating. Instead of exhausting heat energy outside, it extracts heat energy from ambient outdoor air and brings it inside. Where I live, it never really needs any sort of supplemental help either. That just blows my mind. Again, I hate to see the winter go because I love having a quiet heat pump.

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