Taking my Time Today With Heating and Air Conditioning System Repairs and Service


Today is Wednesday and I am moving slowly this afternoon because I know that I am going to be staying up pretty late tonight with the bonfire my good friend and I have planned on the beach.

  • I can’t definitely escape the celebration early because I am the one throwing it, so this is really going to be a later kind of night for me.

I just need to make sure I get enough sleep tonight because tomorrow is my new year’s eve brunch at my mom’s condo with my sibling and his kids. This will be a special weekend before I leave in the air conditioned airplane to head back overseas again for another year possibly. I don’t like leaving for that long but it costs me too much to visit here nowadays. I work for the heating company and also for a local corporation back there and it is hard to cut away and escape to the States for any length of time. I will try to come back here for a little trip over the Summer if I can time it right and get a cheap flight. I’m laboring on the gas boiler today at my aunt’s condo and also cleaning the HEPA filters in the Heating and Air Conditioning system to get it all set for the frigid weather that is coming soon. I will do that today and do my yoga routine and then rest up for this bonfire celebration on the beach later today. It should be a fun night however I want to get this heating component running well before any of that stuff.

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