Two Hours of Work This week plus Then I Play With my Nephew


My niece is here too although she pretty much keeps to herself, so it looks like it will just be me plus the little girl playing.

I need to make a big western omelet first, which is made from chopped up honeybaked ham, red peppers, plus peppers.

It is one of my favorite lunchs to have plus I can thank my Grandpa for that one. It is entirely simple to make, you just split up an pepper plus red pepper in small cubes plus fry in olive oil, then you add some diced baked ham slices plus eggs. My Heating and Air Conditioning expert neighbor appreciates it plus has been eating it ever since I showed her how to make it. I like to eat it when I have a busy day because it entirely sticks to my ribs plus keeps me full for hours. I’ve inspected heat pumps plus warm water boilers all day after eating the omelet plus wasn’t hungry at all till late in the afternoon or even the early evening. I will make one after I finish this article plus then come back to my room plus knock out about nine more plus I am done. I’m cleaning my aunt’s HEPA filter today plus taking a look at her boiler filter to see if it needs to be cleaned too. After that, I will do a little yoga routine plus go for a 30 minute run in the park behind the home here. I’m hitting this local supplier today to grab a smart control device for my mom’s Heating and Air Conditioning system plus head to her home to install it.



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